LITTLE AVERY Pre-school and Kindergarten


LITTLE AVERY Pre-school and Kindergarten

Little Avery Pre-school and Kindergarten does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, creed, religion, national origin, cultural heritage, sex, marital status, or sexual orientation in administration or either its admission or employment policies or procedures. Little Avery develops an academically, socially, emotionally educated community of students within the framework of acceptance, compassion and understanding, all in accordance with Montessori curriculum and philosophy, will be presented through integrated thematic programs.

To nurture every child holistically, developing them to their fullest potential.

To nurture all children’s holistic development. To afford all children the opportunity to access a quality Montessori Education which will fulfil the needs of the whole children and promote self-motivated, independent, lifelong learners by supporting the natural development of each child in a respectful, well-prepared and nurturing environment. To prepare children for future educational in order to become contributing members of their immediate and global community.

Little Avery
Little Avery

  • Full CCTV
  • Security. 
  • Full Mentesori Program
  • Integrated thematic Curriculum. 
  • Full AC
  • Expert and Trained Teacher
  • Spacious Gym Room
  • Ball Pool Play Ground
  • Educational Toys
  • Mini and Major Field Trip
  • Termly Project Presentation
  • Internal event per theme
  • Religious Event (for all religious)
  • Annual Open House

The objective of Little Avery is to build foundation in children’s life and also equip children with life skills to grow into mature, independent, adaptive and creative individuals.

Baby ClassSensory Activity
  • Fine Motor Building
  • Alphabets (Vowel) Introduction
  • Numeral Introduction (1-10)

  • Full Montessori Program
  • Alphabets Introduction
  • Numeral 1-20 Introduction Logical Thinking Introduction Phonics Sound Introduction

Play Group
  • Full Montessori Program
  • Phonics Sounds Mastery
  • Numeral 1-50 rote counting
  • Logical Thinking Mastery
  • Pink Series - CVC Introduction

Kindergarten 1
  • Full Montessori Programme in 5 Areas
  • Phonics Sounds Mastery
  • Numeral 1-50

Kindergarten 2
  • Full Montessori Programme in 5 Areas
  • Numeral 1-100
  • Logical Thinking Mastery

  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Ballet
  • Soccer

Little Avery School 
Jl. Boulevard Raya A1 no 16, Galaxy, Bekasi Selatan 

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