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Amerta Spices

Amerta Spices are under PT. Amerta Agro Indonesia. Affordable spice products in Jakarta by Amerta Spices as the best supplier of spices from Indonesia. Driven by the growing market and increasing demand for spices worldwide, As we grow, we expand our business to Spice Manufacturing. Today we are a distributor of a leading producer of spices based in Indonesia, especially clove products, black pepper, white pepper and betel nuts products which we distribute both domestically and abroad.

Amerta Spices
Amerta Spices

With the increasing local and foreign demand for spices, Amerta Spices strives to provide high quality spice products from Indonesia at competitive prices together with continuous development for sustainable and efficient manufacturing practices.

Protecting local farmers is also an important part of our success. Creating a safe and healthy environment is essential to look after our local team and improve their own well-being and quality of life. Building this trust is key to our success, not only with our team of farmers but also with our business partners, employees and customers.

We are actively create Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

We believe in creating win-win partnership to ensure mutually beneficial growth

The total billed with no additional charges at the time of delivery!

We get the product from the first hand therefore the product becomes affordable

Best Quality
Our products are obtained from the best sources managed by experienced farmers

Customer service
We are ready to discuss with you through customer service regarding the product you want

Amerta Spices already well known as the best organic spices supplier in indonesia, experienced exporter supplier for cloves, supplier and exporter of cinnamon you can trust, best quality dried bettel nut, biggest coffee exporter in indonesia. 

SOHO CAPITAL, Jl. Letjen S. Parman No.Kav. 28, Tj. Duren Sel., Kec. Grogol petamburan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11470 

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