West Papua Robusta Coffee You Should Know

West Papua Robusta Coffee You Should Know

Coffee is one of the main commodities for the agricultural sector in West Papua. Supported by the geographical conditions, rich fertility soil of mountain ranges, the quality of the coffee produced is unquestionable. 

Dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, the coffee plantations were implemented in West Papua due to the influence of evangelists’ arrival. Since then, the plantation pattern has been developed and become the famous Papua Coffee Plantation. 

West Papua Diary
West Papua Diary

Arabica Coffee from West Papua is famous and even got the title as one of the best coffees in Indonesia, along with celebes’ Toraja, Aceh’s Gayo, West Java’s Malabar and Nusa Tenggara’s Flores. While West Papua has wonderful varieties of Arabica Coffee, they also have abundant Robusta Coffee varieties. 

Robusta Coffee in West Papua is grown with a semi-forest grown technique (agroforestry). However, West Papuan Robusta Coffees generally grow naturally without much treatment to increase crop yields. Most of them are grown organically and treated as wild plants, but because of that, the quality of Robusta Coffee reaches its potential. As a result, Robusta Coffee harvests are very limited in number and not enough to meet market demand.

Therefore, today, I will share several Robusta Coffee from West Papua you should know! 

Ambaidiru Yapen Coffee
Ambaidiru Yapen coffee comes from a coffee plantation located in Ambaidiru village in the Ambai Islands, located south of Yapen Island, West Papua. 

Ambaidiru Yapen Coffee has a strong taste and is more bitter than Arabica. It also has a distinctive bitter taste, delicious, and has a strong fragrance.  

The management of the Ambaidiru Yapen coffee plantation has been passed down from generation to generation; the development of coffee cultivation occurs in several stages. Since 2004, the local government has begun developing this Ambaidiru coffee plantation.

Agimuga Mimika Coffee
Another famous West Papua Robusta Coffee comes from Agimuga District, Mimika Regency, West Papua. 

Agimuga Mimika coffee is famous for having a balanced and smooth taste. The aroma produced is earthy, fragrant, strong, bitter, and high in caffeine. In addition, this type also produces a flavor note that tends to be earthy with peanut aftertaste.

Anggi Coffee from Arfak Mountains
Anggi Coffee from Arfak Mountains comes from coffee plants that grow around Lake Anggi with an altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level. While it has a similar flavor note as Agimuga Mimika Coffee, Anggi Coffee tastes earthy and has a bitter, rubbery/grain-like flavor, with a peanutty aftertaste.

Kemtuk Jayapura Coffee
This West Papua Robusta coffee comes from Kemtuk Lembah Grime, Jayapura, Papua. This area has been a cocoa cultivation center since the Dutch era. Since Kemtuk’s robusta coffee is grown in an intercropping way with cocoa plants, it has a dark chocolate taste, earthy and bitter taste. 

Unlike robusta coffee in general which has large seeds, robusta coffee is small but has a strong aroma. 

West Papua is famous for its Arabica coffee internationally. However, west Papua also has a great variety of robusta coffee. West Papua robusta coffee generally brews into the best west robusta coffee called Kopi Senang. Tourists who come to West Papua, especially Raja Ampat, will be served Kopi Senang as welcome drinks. There is a saying in West Papua that if you want to be happy, make sure to drink Kopi Senang every day. 

What do you think about robusta coffee from West Papua? Do you want to be happy every day? Try this robusta coffee from West Papua right now!

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