Pianemo Island

Pianemo Island - The Heaven in Raja Ampat West Papua

West Papua is a rich biodiversity and natural resources province in Indonesia. This province is bordered to the north of the Pacific Ocean, to the west of the Halmahera Sea and Seram Sea, then to the south of the Banda Sea. The famous Raja Ampat islands are located in this province. These islands are rich in marine biodiversity. Raja Ampat archipelago straddles the equator and forms part of the coral triangle; thus, it has the richest marine biodiversity on earth.

West papua diary
West Papua Diary

Pianemo island is one of the islands in the Raja Ampat archipelago, Indonesia West Papua. The name comes from the Biak language, which means the connection between head and spear handle. The view on this island is breathtaking. Many tourists, either domestic or international, are coming here to see the beautiful karst islands from the hill. 

These islands are surrounded by crystal blue water mixed with turquoise. The tropical breeze will blow on your face while the waves sound will be the music on your ear. It feels like heaven on earth. This area is also known as a mini version of Wayag island, and this island is also in West Papua with the beautiful karst hills from above.

Access to Pianemo Island
When you are traveling to the Raja Ampat islands, Pianemo will be on the most front of the archipelago. Many of the tourists choose to explore this island before they are heading to Wayag. 

But, many of the tourists choose to spend more time in Pianemo instead of going to Wayag when they have limited time. It takes 3-4 hours to go from Wayag to the capital city of Raja Ampat, Waisai. While to reach Pianemo from Waisai, it takes around 45-60 minutes by small boat.

Pianemo has a great quality of tourism as well, even if it is a small island. The resort providers are providing various facilities to make tourist’s stays more comfortable, from sanitation to resort for their stay. In here they also provide speedboat service which can help people to go around other islands easily. 

What you can do on Pianemo Island
On Pianemo island you can go hiking because it has many karsts hill. The hill might be hard because it is slippery and sharp karst, so people need to be very careful. But once you reached the top, you can see the beautiful view.   

Alternatively, you have to climb 320 stairs to go up, and your effort will be rewarded with the beautiful blue sky and crystal-clear water around the small islands in Pianemo. 

You can also dive into the ocean to see the amazing marine life. Raja Ampat is in the coral triangle area; thus, it has the most diverse underwater creatures. This is a paradise for divers from around the world. Just imagine looking at the beautiful life beneath the water, and after that, you can go up and enjoy the sunset with these magnificent karst hills surrounded by the golden sky and clear water.

Even if Pianemo is a small island, you can do many things here, and it has the same beauty as Wayag when you have limited time to go around. Also, it is easy to reach from the city. The view offered on this island is amazing. This is one of the gems in Raja Ampat, West Papua. The beautiful nature of West Papua will never cease to amaze you.

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