IndoCocoStory - Coconut Products Exporter from Indonesia


IndoCocoStory - Coconut Products Exporter from Indonesia

From this company, The Story Begin...

Indo Coco Story is a company that has been trusted cooperate with individual farmers and common plantation industry in Indonesia. Our mission to deliver the greatness agricultural products from Indonesia to the whole country.


The story of Coconut start with our experienced farmers, carefully planted the coconut and processed with the latest technology. We commit to deliver high quality coconut products.

Our products

Desiccated Coconut

Our desiccated coconut is made from high quality coconuts that has been carefully selected before processing. It has 100% white color (no yellow) and has sweet coconut aroma. We have 2 type of low fat desiccated coconut : Fine and Extra Fine. The different is on its cutting size.

Virgin Coconut Oils

Our virgin coconut oils (VCO) processing with centrifugal machine, cold pressed method. Natural, no additive, we proud to say that only us has 100% pure color (Colorless).

RBD Coconut Oils

RBD Coconut Oils is used for cooking oils. Is a pure coconut oils obtained from refined. Bleached with bleaching earth, activated carbon and further deodorized by steam. 

Coconut Water

Aseptic single strength coconut eater is a translucent liquid from the naturally occuring liquid endosprem of the fresh mature coconut, no preservatives, and additives added. Product is 100% coconut water.

Coconut Sugar

Our coconut sugar is natural made from coconut palm tree sap's sugary fluid. Natural sweetener by boiling sap. Sap from selected male palm tree flower bunches, certaining moisture content to sugar crystals. The Product is free from preservatives. Compliance for Food Grade Product Manufacturing, practical use, hygienic, clean and good for health.

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South Sumatera, Indonesia

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