Asayama Family Club

AFC merupakan singkatan dari Asayama Family Club. AFC Japan didirikan oleh Tadahiko Asayama dan dijalankan oleh Takehiko Asayama.





Headquartered :

AFC-HD Ams Life Science Co Ltd Alamat : 3-6-36 Toyoda Suruga-Ku Shizuoka, 422-8027 Japan.  

Chairman : Tadahiko Asayama

President : Takehiko Asayama

Industri : OEM - AMS (Original Equipment Manufacturer - Advanced Manufacturing Supplement).


History :  

  • 1969/06 : Established "Asayama Shoji" in Shizuoka City. 1975/09 : Reorganized into "Asayama Shoji Co., Ltd." due to the strengthening of the health food division.
  • 1980/12 : Established "Mio Foods Co., Ltd." as a health food manufacturing division. 1982/02 :  Established "Asayama Family Club" (currently a consolidated subsidiary, AFC Co., Ltd.) as a mail-order department for health foods.
  • 1994/12  : Established the head office factory of Miou Foods Co., Ltd. Taking this opportunity, it became a comprehensive OEM manufacturer.
  • 1995/11 :  "Japan Preventive Medical Laboratory" (currently a consolidated subsidiary Japan Preventive Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd.) is established in the factory of Miou Foods Co., Ltd. for the purpose of research and product planning of health foods.
  • 2001/01 : The company name was changed to "Ams Life Science Co., Ltd." with the completion of a new factory in Toyoda, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka.
  • 2004/09 : Established "Kenkou TV Co., Ltd." (currently a consolidated subsidiary). 2005/03 : Listed on the Jasdaq Securities Exchange Co., Ltd.
  • 2005/07 : The second factory and AFC headquarters / call center are completed. The head office factory has obtained GMP certification for dietary supplements from the Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association.
  • 2007/06 : Established "Honzo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd." (currently a consolidated subsidiary), took over the manufacturing and sales business of medical herbal medicines, over-the-counter drugs, and healthcare products, and entered the pharmaceutical business. Acquired a majority stake in "Honesty Village Co., Ltd.", a retailer and wholesaler of natural foods, and added it to the group.
  • 2008/07  : The second factory has been certified as a dietary supplement GMP by the Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association.
  • 2008/12 :  Acquired shares of "Moriya Co., Ltd." and added it to the group.
  • 2010/03 : The company name will be "AFC-HD Ams Life Science Co., Ltd." 2011/08 :  The Kuniyoshida Factory, the fourth factory, is completed.
  • 2011/09 : "AFC Moriya Co., Ltd." and "Honest Village Co., Ltd." will be merged into "AFC Co., Ltd." to integrate the sales companies. 2012/06 : The Kuniyoshida Factory has been certified as a dietary supplement GMP by the Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association.
  • 2014/04 : "Japan Preventive Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd." Analysis Center acquired ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 accreditation.
  • 2014/08 : The Chiba Factory has been certified as an organic JAS (production process manager / subdivision company) by the Japan Food Research Laboratories.
  • 2017/01 : Chiba Factory acquired organic JAS (importer) certification from the Japan Food Research Laboratories.
  • 2019/05 : Established "Hangzhou Eternal Love Biological Technology Co., Ltd." (currently a consolidated subsidiary) in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.


Afiliasi Indonesia pada 2017

melalui oleh Ernest Prayuda, BA, MBA dan Michael Tampi, Bsc.  

Importir : PT. H&E Dermatech Indonesia

Produk : Subarashi dan Utsukushii

Distributor : AFC Sop Subarashi

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